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Destination Guide for Skiathos, Greece

While many of the Greek islands are beautiful, Skiathos is one of the most verdant islands with forests and greenery dotting the coastline and the inland territory. This island is considered to be a protected environment because of its piney forest and lush vegetation. Since so many people enjoy the natural beauty of the island, the Skiathos Island can get quite crowded because they are so popular. The long, golden beaches attract thousands of people during the late summer months, the busiest time of the year for the island of Skiathos. The most popular aspect of Skiathos Island is the gorgeous natural scenery and the wonderful travel accommodations found throughout the city.

Popular Attractions in Skiathos, Greece

The small island of Skiathos has only one main village, and the main attractions in this area are undeniably the gorgeous beaches. Visitors can travel to the beautiful capital called Skiathos Town to see a stunning contrast of greens and blues with white washed homes dotting the picturesque vista. While in Skiathos, visitors can spend some time at the local cafes, shops, and restaurants, and the area is also home to several taverns. The beaches in Skiathos offer not only breathtaking views but also a number of watersports that travelers can participate in on the sea. Outdoor and recreational activities are very popular in Skiathos.

Beaches in Skiathos, Greece

Since Skiathos is best known for its beaches and gorgeous natural landscape, the island has many kilometers of coastline that can be explored by travelers until they find their favorite spot. While there are several organized beaches in Skiathos, there are also some secluded, peaceful areas on the coastline where travelers can spend some time relaxing and unwinding. The waters on Skiathos are so clear that they are almost like mirrors. The penetrating sun in Skiathos compliments the beautiful ocean waters and the sandy beaches create a breathtaking landscape. A unique characteristic of Skiathos beaches is that dense pine trees normally surround them, which gives a charming appeal to the beaches.

Shopping in Skiathos, Greece

Shops in Skiathos are varied and contain a wide assortment of items that travelers will enjoy. In addition to clothing, shoes, and accessories found in local stores, there are also several souvenir shops like offer some of the best handmade products that the island has to offer. While walking through the city streets, shoppers will discover many unique shops, jewelers, book stores, and many other local beauties and delicacies.

Transportation in Skiathos, Greece

When traveling to Skiathos, it is important to remember that this island has only one main road. Buses do travel along this road to take travelers from one place to the next, and visitors can also hire a taxi to take them anywhere that they want to go on the island. Another great way to travel in Skiathos is on a taxi-boat.
Port Authority in Skiathos, Greece

The Port Authority of Skiathos is responsible for all port activity on the island, and everyone that enters or leaves the island by boat will encounter the port authority. With infrastructural improvements and safety in mind, the Port Authority of Skiathos is very well managed and efficient.

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