The Port of Patra

Located on the northwest coast of the Peloponnese, Patras is the capital of western Greece. In the past, the Port of Patras played an important role in the economic life of modern Greece as a significant import and export center from the first years of its independence. Over the years and with the development of Piraeus, the density here has decreased. With the opening of the Corinth Canal in 1893, the Aegean Sea was connected to Ionia. As a result, sea mobility between Patras and Piraeus has decreased as it is no longer necessary to circumvent the Peloponnese Peninsula.

The city of Patras is a port city located on a mountain slope. Although the city is not very rich in terms of tourism, it seems to continue to exist as a transit point to various archaeological sites such as within the Peloponnese. The acropolis in Patras, which means the highest point of the city, is also referred to as its castle. This castle was built by the Byzantines from the remains of the Greek acropolis and is surrounded by olive trees, palm trees and bougainvillea. A few dozen meters from the Acropolis area there is an excellent-condition 2500-seat Roman Odeon that hosts concerts and theatres in the summer. The most common explanation given for the name Patras is Patreus, the name of the ancient legendary inhabitant of the city from mythological ages.

Patras was home to busy merchant ships from all over the world. These ships mainly exported raisins, silk, leather, and grain. Construction, textiles, sugar and coffee were imported. These trade activities consolidated the Port of Patras as the most important trade center of the Eastern Mediterranean and that created the first shipping lines connecting Patras with Corfu, Zakynthos, Ancona, Piraeus, Smyrna, Gibraltar, Trieste etc.

The port made a great contribution to overseas migration, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Until the late 1960s, prior to the growth in air travel, the main mode of transport for immigrants was ocean liners, which usually docked on Patras. Trade with Western Europe, especially Britain, France and Italy, led Patras to form an important port and cosmopolitan city center of Greece in the early 20th century.

It can be said that the port gradually lost its charm in the process that started shortly after the Second World War and continued until 30 years ago. However, with the start of ferry services between Italy and Greece, the importance of the port has increased again and as of today, more than 40 ferries are used on this route during the summer season.

Patra ferry port is Greece’s main connection point to Italy and Western Europe. Patras Passenger Ferry Terminal is located in a very large and modern building. There is a lounge, bar, shops, duty free shop and shipping agencies in the Ferry Terminal. Although Patras was the second Greek port behind the port of Piraeus in Athens for years, it has recently regained the title of “Western Gate of Greece”. Patras connects Greece to the ports of Ancona, Venice and Bari in Italy, the port of Sami in Kefalonia and the port of Ithaca in the Ionian Islands.

Patras Map

The Port of Patra

How to Get to Patras Port?

You can reach the port of Patras by connecting the new PATHE motorway that passes through Patras, Athens and Thessaloniki. With the completion of the nearby Rio Antirio Bridge, Patras can easily be connected to Igoumenitsa and the rest of Greece. It is possible to reach the port of Patras by public transport from Athens and many other cities.

Ferry Companies in Patras Port

Minoan Lines: Tel : +30 2610 426000, Faks: +30 2610 461188, E-mail: [email protected]

Kefalonian Lines: Tel.: +30 2610240000, Website:

Anek Superfast: Tel: +30 2610 343 655, Faks: +30 2610342672, E-mail: [email protected]

Grimaldi Lines: Tel: +30 2610426000, Faks: +30 2610461188, Website:

Connected Ports to Patras

  • Anafi
  • Ancona
  • Baro
  • Birindisi
  • Igoumenitsa
  • Ithaki
  • Kefalonia
  • Trieste
  • Venice

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