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Paros is one of the most known islands of the Cyclades and a popular destination for summer holidays. Close to it lies the island of Antiparos, so you will need to get by ferry to Paros first.

Like some other cyclades islands, you can go to Paros with a ferry either from Piraeus or from Rafina.

Your trip from Pireaus to Paros will take a little more than 4 hours with the standard ferry boat and just 2,5 hours with the speedboats.

If you decide to depart from Rafina to Paros then it will take you about 3 hours with a speedboat.

Destination Guide for Paros, Greece

The Greek Islands of Paros, Greece is a beautiful, popular Greek Island and has become a favorite tourist destination among travelers. Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades, Paros is a favorite for its exquisite beaches, crystal clear blue waters, Parian villages, and whitewashed houses. The colorful villas contrasted against the narrow alleyways create a picturesque vista for travelers and patrons of the island. The lovely chapels speckled throughout the city add a sense of charm to this beautiful island, and visitors can enjoy many great attractions and visit the warm sandy beaches while on a visit to the island of Paros.

Popular Attractions in Paros, Greece

The island of Paros is bustling with excitement and enthusiasm. The thriving nightlife and the many interesting daily activities make this a great place to travel. In addition to visiting the island’s sites, travelers can also relax or get involved in some of the island’s water sports and other outdoor activities.

The Villages of Paros are also a great place to explore, as the charming villages give character to the island. For travelers that want to see a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the island, the Village of Paros is a must see. While there are a few cultural and historical sites on the island, the beaches are the real attraction on the island of Paros.

Beaches in Paros, Greece

The Paros Island beaches are undeniably one of the most spectacular series of beaches on the Greek Islands. With the golden sand contrasted against the beautiful clear waters, visitors can find many attractive areas to sunbathe, windsurf, or simply enjoy the scenery. Some of the most famous beaches in Paros are Kolymbithres, Parasporos, Golden Beach, Pounda, Krios, Logaras, Santa Maria, Livadia, Ambelas, and New Golden Beach. While some of these beaches are organized public beaches, others are more relaxing and peaceful.

Shopping in Paros, Greece

With a great variety of shops, Paros is home to many clothing and shoe shops. The majority of shops in Paros, Greece are found in Naoussa and Parikia. With the touristy shops speckled throughout the city, travelers can find all sorts of shops and boutiques in Paros, Greece. Visitors can find everything from high priced designer items to handmade ceramics and embroidery in Paros. There are also many Paros Island souvenir shops that offer visitors the chance to take a piece of their journey home with them.

Transportation in Paros, Greece

Travel to the Greek Islands usually involves arriving by ferry, and the transportation systems in Paros are improving ever year. Whether travelers want to arrive by ship or by ferry from Athens, Paros Island can be easily accessed from many Greek cities. Visitors can also arrive in Paros by air if they prefer. Once on the island, buses, cars, and taxis are the main methods of transport, and visitors can choose the one that appeals to them most on their travels.

Port Authority in Paros, Greece

The Port Authority on Paros Island directs all of the ferries, boats, and ships as they enter the port. There are several ports that the Port Authority of Paros is responsible for including Ambelas, Antiparos, Dryos, Naoussa, Paros, Pisso Livadi, and Pounda.

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