Explore Agios Konstantinos: The Gateway to the Sporades Islands

Nestled amid high mountains and lush olive groves, the town of Agios Konstantinos in central Greece is home to an active port that serves as the primary departure point for ferries headed to the Sporades Islands. Built on the seaside location of the ancient Greek city of Dafnountas, Agios Konstantinos effortlessly marries history with modern convenience.

Ferries from Agios Konstantinos: A Journey to the Sporades

Embarking on a journey from the port of Agios Konstantinos takes you to the picturesque Sporades islands. Enjoy a ferry trip that takes only 2 hours to Skiathos, 3 hours to Skopelos, and 3.5 hours to Alonissos. Immerse yourself in the azure waters and captivating landscapes these islands offer.

The Port of Agios Konstantinos: Bridging Mainland Greece and the Sporades

The port of Agios Konstantinos serves as a crucial connector between mainland Greece and the islands of the Sporades. Here, you can board a ferry to various enchanting destinations, such as Alonissos, Evia/Mantoudi, Skiathos, and the two ports of Skopelos - Glossa and Port.

During your stay in Agios Konstantinos, remember to visit the town's namesake church and take a mini boat ride to the town of Agios Georgios, nestled in the northern part of the island of Evia.

Travel to Agios Konstantinos from Athens

Reaching Agios Konstantinos from Athens is a breeze. With buses departing from Athens Liossion Bus Terminal to Agios Konstantinos every hour, you can arrive in the town within 2.5 hours. This ease of access, combined with the port's ferry connections, makes Agios Konstantinos an ideal starting point for your Greek island adventure.

Begin Your Greek Island Adventure from Agios Konstantinos

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