Ferries for Karpathos depart almost every other day from Piraeus port in Athens and the line is operated only from one company ANEK Lines. Depending on the specific schedule the trip can have a duration from 16 to 20 hours, as the ship passes several other islands previously.

You are able to reach Karpathos also from the islands of Santorini, Milos, Rodos, Kasos as well as the port of Heraklion in Crete.

Destination Guide for Karpathos, Greece

The island of Karpathos, Greece is a gorgeous Greek island and is part of the Dodecanese group. Between Crete and Rhodes, travelers can discover the unmatched beauty and amazing seascapes found in Karpathos. As tourism expands on the island, more opportunities for visitors to find their perfect accommodations arise, and there are many different areas to choose from on the island. The beaches are spectacular with turquoise waters against the soft sandy white shores, visitors will be delighted to spend time on the wonderful island of Karpathos. The authentic northern region of the island is completely preserved in its natural state and is unspoiled. There are several stunning villages in Karpathos, and tourists will also enjoy meeting the friendly, warm inhabitants of the island.

Popular Attractions in Karpathos, Greece

Many visitors to the island of Karpathos see it as a sort of paradise, secluded yet connected to everything that is needed to create a really enjoyable vacation. The incredible landscape in the area is enough to enchant most visitors and coupled with the wonderful accommodations found on the island, there are many people that must visit the island of Karpathos more than once to fully enjoy it.

Picturesque villages can be found in many corners of the island, like the village Olympos. When visiting this village, people can spend some time understanding the wonderful aspects of island life and admiring the traditional Greek-style architecture and whitewashed houses. There are also several shops and taverns located in the villages, and the people are very welcoming to newcomers. The capital town of Pigadia is a wonderfully beautiful place to visit, and there are great shops and touristy areas in this village.

Beaches in Karpathos, Greece

The beaches are another great place to see in Karpathos. While some people may find one beach that they like, there are many beaches to discover and explore on this island. As the emerald water fades to blue, people can enjoy the soft sandy beaches or the beautiful pebbled beaches on the island to get a sense of all that the island has to offer. The beaches on this island are incredibly stunning, and people can often spend their whole trip basking in the sunlight or watching the sun set on the magnificent coastline.

Shopping in Karpathos, Greece

The village of Pigadia is the best place to shop on the island, although there are various other shops that can be found as well. The concentration of local stores in Pigadia will normally allows visitors to take home a piece of the island either with a beautiful handmade souvenir, a bottle of wine, or with a tasty treat. Hand-woven textiles, ceramics, wood carvings, souvenirs, and embroideries are common throughout the area.

Transportation in Karpathos, Greece

Transportation in Karpathos is varied. People can choose to take a bus to various parts of the island, as the bus system goes many places and is well maintained. Travelers may also want to take a boat, rent a car, or hire a taxi to take them around the island.
Port Authority in Karpathos, Greece

The Port Authority of Karpathos, Greece is responsible for the Diafani and Finki ports on the island. The Port Authority of Karpathos will manage all of the infrastructure and operations of these ports.

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