Chios is a lush, green island with beautiful terrain and breathtaking seascapes. As part of the North Eastern Aegean Islands, Chios is one of the most popular destinations in the northern part of Greece. Chios is close in proximity to Turkey as well as mainland Greece, and visitors can stay in the luxurious hotels while dining in some of the finest restaurants on the island. The verdant scenery and the gorgeous beaches create a surprisingly beautiful region that all travelers will come to admire.

Popular Attractions in Chios, Greece

Even though Chios is one of the larger Greek islands, it is largely undeveloped and does not cater directly to tourists. This makes it a perfect getaway for people that are looking for a peaceful, relaxing vacation away from the noisy commotion found in crowded urban cities. Many people travel to Chios to spend some time basking in the sun on one of the beautiful beaches, and while in town, visitors can also explore the villages and attend some of the area’s festivities: the Mastic of Chios, Agrotourism Festival, and the Byzantine Museum to name a few. Travelers can also sightsee in the spectacular medieval villages and the fishing villages.

Beaches in Chios, Greece

The beaches are undeniably one of the most beloved places to visit while on a trip to Chios, Greece. With gorgeous surroundings and crystalline water, the beaches are truly a treasure to behold. Some of the most popular beaches in Chios are the Emporios Mavros Gialos, Karfas, Vrondados Beach, Agia Fotini, Agia Irini, Elinta, Didima, Apthyka, and Gerita. All of these beaches boast unique features that make them an inviting and enjoyable place to relax on a trip to the Greek islands.

Shopping in Chios, Greece

In the capital city of Chios, travelers will discover many great shops and boutiques. There are also several local shops located near the port and the area’s beautiful resorts. While travelers can certainly find shops that specialize in beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories, there are also various bookstores, souvenir shops, and tourist stores that feature delightful handmade crafts and art. There are also several area stores that sell tasty island delicacies, like the famous cheese spread, wines, and local sweets. The islands are also known for their rich golden honey, and this will be sold in many local stores in the area.

Transportation in Chios, Greece

Most visitors will enter Chios by ferry, but once inside the island, there are many ways to move about so that you can explore your favorite areas of the island. Rental cars, motorbikes, and bicycles are all available if visitors prefer to tour the island at their own pace. Taxis are another option to consider when touring the island, as well as buses and small boats.

Port Authority of Chios

The Port Authority of Chios is responsible for overseeing the operations of the port. When traveling into or out of the island of Chios, travelers will likely encounter someone from the Port Authority ensuring that all of the daily activities of the port continue to run smoothly.

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