The port of Brindisi in Italy is the closest one offering schedules to Greece and particularly the mainland harbours of Igoumenitsa and Patras. You shall be able to reach Igoumenitsa in 9 hours and Patras in 15 ½ hours. Currently the line is operated solely by the Italian Endeavor Lines.

Brindisi is also a departure point to reach the port of Vlora in Albania, with Agoudimos Lines.

Destination Guide to Brindisi, Italy

Brindisi is a very popular harbor city in Italy, and many people visit the city annually to see the gorgeous landscapes and coastline as well as participate in many of the area’s attractions. Located in Southern Italy, Brindisi is a great place to get away and relax or find some peace in the Mediterranean. The beautiful shoreline is definitely worth a visit, and there are also several shops and restaurants in the area to keep visitors satisfied on their travels to this mesmerizing city.
Popular Attractions in Brindisi, Italy

In Brindisi, there is no shortage of attractions to keep the hungry traveler busy. Visitors can spend time at the various local monuments, museums, and landmarks like the Monument to Italian Sailors, the Museo Archeologico Provinciale Ribezzo, Chiesa di Santa Maria del Casale, Columns, and the market. The Porta dei Cavalieri Templari is a tribute to Brindisi’s involvement in the Crusades in the 13th century. The interesting pointy arched portico are the only remains left from the church of the Knight’s Templar. There are also a multitude of wonderful restaurants, bars, and taverns to enjoy the Italian delicacies that the area has become so popular for.
Beaches in Brindisi, Italy

The magnificent untouched beaches in Brindisi are quite possibly the most compelling reason to stay in this gorgeous town. The beaches in Brindisi retain their natural charm and beauty because they have not been changed to accommodate tourism. For travelers that are looking for a peaceful, relaxing place to travel, Brindisi beaches are the perfect place to go. There are also several other places where you can go in Brindisi to rent umbrellas and sun beds as well as get all of the attire and beach supplies that you will need to truly enjoy your stay. The crystal clear water and the soft sandy beaches make for the perfect excursion on the Mediterranean in Italy.
Shopping in Brindisi, Italy

As with most areas of Italy, Brindisi has its fair share of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and markets. When shopping in Brindisi, local souvenirs, handmade gifts, crafts, and specialty items are all available, as are the traditional Italian favorites. Travelers can also spend some time in the local bakeries, pastry shops, sweets stores, and markets to get a taste of all that Brindisi has to offer. These wonderful stores are the perfect place to find all of the touristy items that travelers want and also perhaps some delightful surprises as well.
Transportation in Brindisi, Italy

Travelers to Brindisi can arrive by bus, by train, by air, or by water. There are many people that also enjoy touring the city on foot, on a bicycle, or with their own rental car. Brindisi travelers can also take a train or a bus around the city or hire a taxi driver.
Port Authority in Brindisi, Italy

The Port Authority of Brindisi monitors and manages all maritime operations on the island. Since the port is used so often for tourism and for commerce, the Port Authority of Brindisi is responsible for ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the port at all times.

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