Destination Guide for Astypalea, Greece

The beautiful island of Astypalea is part of the Dodecanese Islands in Greece. With spectacular views, gorgeous shorelines, and interesting sites, this island has been a favorite among travelers for many years. While this island is small, it also has a variety of secluded beaches that are perfect for enjoying the calm serenity that the Greek islands have to offer. You will find the island of Astypalea between the coasts of Kos and Amorgos. Tourism is not a huge industry in Astypalea, although there are many excellent reasons to visit including the unspoiled natural beauty and the well-preserved villages.

Popular Attractions in Astypalea, Greece

Many people on the island like to take some time to visit the villages while not basking on the glorious beaches. The villages are small compared to those that you will find on other Greek Islands, but they are also very well kept and are located on the seaside in many cases. There are some islands that are found on the countryside and they boast a completely different scenic look than the ones located on the coast. Most of the inhabitants of the island are friendly and welcoming, although they do not see as many visitors as some of the other Greek islands. The islanders often make their living in agriculture and fishing, and the population on the island is relatively small. This gives travelers the opportunity to take their time finding the secret treasures on this island in the small caves, lovely little villages, and dense forestry. Travelers may also want to visit the windmills and the Venetian Castle in the village of Chora.

Beaches in Astypalea, Greece

The beaches in Astypalea are known for their relaxing peacefulness. While many other beaches are popular and overcrowded on the Greek islands, the beaches in Astypalea are wonderfully clean and well preserved. While

travelers may find beaches that have rental umbrellas and sun bathing chairs, many of them will be completely unspoiled so that travelers can enjoy the natural beauty of the small but pristine beaches in Astypalea. Some of the most famous beaches on the island are called Pera Yialos, Marmari, and Maltezana.

Shopping in Astypalea, Greece

Astypalea has a handful of small shops that sell fantastic local delicacies on the island. Since the Greek islands are known for their cheese spreads, wine, and golden honey, travelers will find a lot of these items in the local shops along the coastline or in the villages. There are also some places on the island to buy clothing, shoes, and accessories, and there are a few touristy and souvenir shops on the island.

Transportation in Astypalea, Greece

On this island, it is best to find your own mode of transportation so that you can get around and ensure that you are able to make it to all of the best places on the island. The buses are limited in the areas that they can take you; so many people prefer to rent a car or motorbike in Astypalea.

Port Authority in Astypalea, Greece

By managing the maritime activity on the island, the Port Authority of Astypalea ensures that all vessels are able to arrive safely in the harbor and leave safely from the harbor.

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