Destination Guide for Agistri, Greece

The breathtaking island of Agistri, Greece is located in the Saronic Gulf and boasts some of the most beautiful waters and finest architecture in all of the Greek Islands. There are many places to visit and sights to see in Agistri, and travelers can also find a number of secluded spots to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing vacation in Greece. Since Agistri has less tourism than some of the other islands, it is often a preferred place for travelers that are looking for a quiet, relaxed environment. The spiny green vegetation covers most of the island and runs all the way up to the coastline, giving this island a beautiful charm.

Popular Attractions in Agistri, Greece

While there are many great landmarks, shops, and restaurants in Agistri, the most popular attractions in Agistri are the natural beauties and wonders of the island. Boating, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, and many other water sports are played on the organized beaches, and there are also many people who simply lounge on their favorite beach soaking up the sun and enjoying the lovely surroundings. This island has an active nightlife, although it is a little more laid back than other Greek islands. The villages in Agistri are broken up into three main segments: Mylos Village, village of Limenaria, and Skala village.

Beaches in Agistri, Greece

As with most Greek Islands, Agistri is well known for its marvelous beaches and attractive coastline. There are many different types of beaches in Agistri. Travelers can choose a populated and organized beach that offer sun bed rentals and umbrella rentals, or they can find their own private, secluded beach to relax and unwind. The most popular beach in Agistri is located in the Skala Village area, and it is a great place for a family because there are a lot of activities on the beach to keep children entertained. There are also several other popular beaches: Mikri Dragonera, Mariza, Megali Dragonera, Xekofti, and more. There are a few isolated beaches located near Aponissos.

Shopping in Agistri, Greece

Shopping in the Greek islands is truly unique, as there are many touristy shops that carry great souvenirs, handmade items, and distinctive art that depict island life. These beautiful trinkets can be found on the island of Agistri in small shops located in the villages. There are a wide variety of different stores, and visitors may be able to discover some hidden gems by taking a stroll through the main villages on the island.
Transportation in Agistri, Greece

Transportation to Agistri usually involves taking a boat or ferry. This is the easiest way for many people to get to the island, and once there, travelers can choose to rent a car or motorbike so that they have more freedom to decide where to go and how to spend their time. There are also buses and taxis available on the island as well.

Port Authority in Agistri, Greece

The Port Authority of Agistri is located on the island and handles all maritime operations and day-to-day activities of the ports on the island. For questions regarding travel to or from the island of Agistri, travelers need only contact the Port Authority for further details.

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