Agistri, Greece: Unearth the Tranquility of the Saronic Jewel

Tucked away in the Saronic Gulf, the splendid island of Agistri is a beacon of Greek beauty. With its crystal clear waters, exquisite architecture, and lush vegetation reaching the coastline, Agistri is an idyllic escape. Its tranquil setting, owing to less tourism compared to other islands, makes it a coveted retreat for those seeking serenity.

Embrace the Charm of Agistri's Attractions

Agistri's natural wonders are its crowning glory. The island's beaches are a playground for water sports enthusiasts, with activities ranging from boating, water skiing, windsurfing, to kayaking. For those seeking tranquility, lounging under the sun amidst splendid surroundings makes for an ideal pastime. The nightlife, although quieter than other Greek islands, has its unique allure. Agistri comprises three main villages: Mylos, Limenaria, and Skala, each offering their distinct charm.

Discover Agistri's Beaches: A Coastal Paradise

Like other Greek islands, Agistri is renowned for its stunning beaches and captivating coastline. Visitors can choose from populated, organized beaches with sunbed and umbrella rentals, or find secluded spots for uninterrupted relaxation. The Skala Village area hosts Agistri's most popular beach, teeming with activities perfect for families. Other notable beaches include Mikri Dragonera, Mariza, Megali Dragonera, and Xekofti. A few isolated beaches near Aponissos promise serene escapades.

Shopping in Agistri: A Treasure Trove of Island Delicacies

Shopping on Agistri is a unique experience with its array of souvenir shops, displaying handmade items and distinctive art reflecting island life. These delightful trinkets are found in quaint shops across the villages. By strolling through the main villages, visitors might unearth hidden gems amongst a diverse array of stores.

Navigate Agistri with Ease

The most convenient way to reach Agistri is by boat or ferry. Once on the island, visitors can rent a car or motorbike for greater flexibility during their exploration. Buses and taxis are also readily available, providing comfortable alternatives for moving around the island.

Port Authority of Agistri: Your Maritime Guide

The Port Authority of Agistri is responsible for all maritime operations and activities within the island's ports. For questions regarding travel to or from Agistri, the Port Authority stands ready to provide all necessary information.

Begin Your Greek Island Adventure from Agistri

Unearth the tranquility of the Saronic jewel, Agistri, nestled in the serene Saronic Gulf. With its crystal clear waters, exquisite architecture, and lush vegetation reaching the coastline, Agistri is an idyllic escape. Experience the beauty of Agistri by booking your ferry tickets today with

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