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Paros fishing boats by night


Frequently Asked Questions

Multi Routs at once .. up to 4 routes

Greeceferries collect the same company in one booking. Please select the same company for multi route. In case of emergency contact us 0030 6974823355 mobile // viber // whatsApp // or [email protected]

Passenger Rights / Obligations

1-The ticket is individual and nominal, not transferable and valid for the position,
route and date for which it was issued.
2-The passenger must be at the boarding station at least 60 minutes before departure.
In the event of a passenger’s arrival after the departure, the fare ticket is not refundable.
3-The passenger is entitled to carry hand luggage weighing up to fifty (50) kg without paying a special fare.
4-If the passenger has retained his luggage, the shipowner is not liable for any damage or loss.
5-Valuables, money and valuables can be delivered to the ship’s accounting department for safekeeping.
The company does not bear any responsibility in case of loss of such items kept in baggage
and not delivered to the accountant’s warehouse for safekeeping.
6-The shipowning company is not responsible for any delay of the route,
deviation and non-observance of a normal course, due to bad weather conditions
or orders of the Coast Guard or for reasons of force majeure.
7-Passengers are forbidden to carry explosive, flammable, incendiary and generally hazardous materials.
8-Passengers must comply with relevant Port, Sanitary and Customs provisions as appropriate.
9-Passengers must comply with the instructions of the master and the crew regarding the maintenance of order and safety of the ship.
10-For every complaint during the voyage, passengers must contact the master or the ship’s chief and, at the end of the journey, initially to the ticket issuer or shipowner or port authorities. If the passenger is not satisfied, after 15 working days, he or she may contact the Port Authority for boarding or disembarking, 3332.12 / 01/09 / 23-02-2009 (Government Gazette 427 B ‘) Y.A. Service.
11- In the event of a dispute, the civil courts are responsible for resolving it.

1-The driver is required to load and unload his vehicle.
2-The passenger is obliged to bring the vehicle in the waiting area one (1) hour before the ship leaves the ship.
3-Vehicle passengers are required to disembark from them before they are loaded onto the ship.
4-Drivers and passengers must carry with them the items they will need during the journey. Post-entry is forbidden to enter the vehicle space.
5-Passengers are forbidden to carry explosive, flammable, incendiary and generally hazardous materials.
6-The priority order of loading of vehicles is determined by the Port Regulations of each Port Authority in the area of loading.

1-Your tickets can be picked up by the Company’s Central or Port Company at the port of departure no later than one hour before departure.

2-In order to receive your tickets, you must – necessarily – have your Booking Number and your Identity Card or Passport with you.

3-If you own Eurail / Interrail Pass, you should also have your current rail ticket with you (eg Eurail / Interrail Greek Islands Pass).

Note: Email confirmation of your reservation is not a proof of your boarding.

Ferry delays or change departure time

For any LAST MOMENT ferry delay or ferry change time, please contact imidiatelly at the moment you are informed this, the central travel agent of the ferry company written on your tickets at the departure or arrival port or on board the accounting ferry Department or ferry company direct after your trip and maximum 7 days and ask for their action explaining your complains,
We are always at your service as an assistant for any case and please INFORM us at 0030 6974823355 emergency mobile or mail us at [email protected]

Find a port or island and book

In any case of difficulties for booking online please send us an email at [email protected] or call us at local phone 0030 210 3251295 or

// Mobile // Viber // WhatsApp // 0030 6974823355

We will be happy to serve you.

Strike of third party (Seamen Strike)

If a third party like seamen is on a strike and ferries cannot run as scheduled,
ferry companies and our company, we shall try to find the best solution for you,
to continue your trip,
Please follow the instruction 1-6

1. contact the central port travel agent at the place you are
2. Ask him for informing you the last news for the situation and
if he has any last moment solution for you to continue your trip.
3. differently ask him to give you a refund for the ferry tickets price.
giving him the unused tickets because of the strike,
as he is the central travel agent of ferry company .
4. if this is not possible from central travel agent ,
please do not through away your printed ferry tickets,
but you have to return these original paper tickets to us
because we are the travel agent, online system, you made this booking,
VERY IMPORTANT !!! without these tickets back,at our Office,
ferry companies according to the Greec law do not give any refund.
5. we are here for an assistant. [email protected]
6. for this and any Emergency you may call us at 0030 6974823355,mobile..viber..whatsapp.

Facing difficulties booking online?

Your reservation may be done via our email. [email protected]
We will be happy to book for you. For this it is needed to forward us:

Passengers’ full names, gender and nationality
(for child’s and infants, birthdate, for a car, plate number)

Departure and arrival ports. Date and time of travel.

The ticket class you prefer, such as the economy, business, VIP, cabin

If you travel Italy Greece or Turkey Greece or vv
we need to be informed with the Pasport number the date of issue and birthdate of all travelers

For cars please inform us car plate number and car type or RENTAL

Moreover, please, let us know how you wish to pick up your tickets.
Five ( 5 ) options: choose one

1–Our office in Athens city centre at 61, Eleftheriou Venizelou Ave (Panepistimiou)
(google map link: http://goo.gl/maps/Gku3f) free of charge
Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00 Saturday 10:00-15:00

2–The kiosk of the shipping company at the port of departure (delivery fee: 5 euro)

3–Your hotel in Greece (delivery fee: euro 5) …send us a hotel name and their phone

4–Your country (delivery fee: in Europe, euro 20-25 the rest of the world, euro 30-35

5–if you arrive in Athens and you choose to book from our company a taxi transfer we can give your ferry tickets on hand by the taxi driver free of charge.

Once the reservation is made, payment should be made via credit card through our bank secure online payment link that will be forwarded to you.

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What is the policy on changes and cancellations?

There are occasions where due to any reason you need to make a change to your schedule or even cancel your trip entirely. Please ensure everything is done in time so that you will have no or minimal monetary loss, There are rules from Ferry Companies and our company that you accepted by clicking that you agreed before finalising any of your booking, During high season (June to August), even confirming your change/cancellation request 15 days before the departure, may not be enough time for you to gain a full refund, Note that:

  1. You can make a change in departure date/time, as long as there is availability in the requested itinerary and the request is made early enough, according to the policy of the shipping company, SUPER ECONOMY TICKETS at a special economy price are non refundable and not changeable from ferry companies for any reason
  2. If a cancellation is made, depending on the time it is done and cancellation policy of the shipping company, cancellation charges may incur, When we make a change, 5 EURO change fee per ticket is applied, Regarding cancellations, please, note that the booking fee of 8 euro is non-refundable and that the cancellation fee that is applied is 5 EUR per ticket, In the above-mentioned fees VAT, 24% is included.
  3. In order to receive any refund, the printed paper ferry tickets should be delivered to our Office or bring these tickets back any way. SERETIS TRAVEL GREECEFERRIES 61,El Venizelou (Panepistimiou) Str., Athens, Greece, 10564. Tel 0030 210 3251295
  4. We suggest you using a courier and keep the tracking number of this.
  5. If you make a change, depending on how close to the departure date the change is made, you may not be able to pick up your tickets at the port, but would need to get them by our offices in Athens or we can arrange courier delivery to your hotel, This will be confirmed by our agents of Greeceferries.com. when the change of the ferry ticket is requested,
  6. Tickets that were changed once cannot be changed again, Moreover, issued tickets that were changed once cannot be cancelled without charges.
  7. In case of no-show for any reason, no refund is provided.
What steps should I take?
  1. Contact us via email at [email protected] with your requirement, Last minute changes/cancellations cannot be guaranteed,
  2. In case of changing tickets, proceed with the payment of the change fee according to the instruction you will receive via email from our staff,
  3. Receive a confirmation of cancellation or new booking code in case of changes,
  4. In case you are provided with a refund, it is guaranteed by Greeceferries.com that it will be transferred to your credit card, as soon as it is received by the shipping company, Please note that in case your ferry tickets were printed, in order for you to receive any refund, the printed ferry tickets should be delivered to our office in Athens SERETIS TRAVEL–GREECEFERRIES–, 61,El Venizelou (Panepistimiou ) Str, Athens, Greece, 10564 Tel 0030 210 3251295, by yourself or via post or courier, In case your itinerary was cancelled by the shipping company due to weather conditions etc, please, read the next question’s answer, for this you get full refund but always after returning the printed ferry tickets in our Office,


Change & Cancellation requests are taken into consideration during office working hours, In case the request is made while the office is closed, it will not be handled when it is sent, but during office opening hours,

As a refund is based on the date and time of cancellation, as such it is considered the earliest date and time that our agents could handle the case according to the opening hours of our office.

Opening hours (in local time)

Monday – Friday | 09:00 to 17:00

Saturday, all year round | 10:00 to 15:00

The office remains closed on Sundays and all Greek Public Holidays. emergency phone: 0030 6974 823355

What should I do if my ferry is cancelled due to weather?

In case the itinerary is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, your ticket can be changed on spot from the LOCAL central agent of the shipping company at the port of departure for the next available scheduled ferry of the same shipping company, without any extra charge. In order for your tickets to be changed, the original paper tickets of the cancelled itinerary should be presented and returned to the central agent of the shipping company,

If the itinerary is not cancelled but delayed, passengers and vehicles can embark without changing their tickets,

In case you do not wish to change your tickets but receive a full refund, you need to return the original paper printed tickets to the central agent at the port where you are or to deliver these to our address.

SERETIS TRAVEL GREECEFERRIES , 61, El Venizelou (Panepistimiou ) Str, Athens, Greece, 10564 Tel 0030 210 3251295, We suggest using a courier, A full refund of the ticket price will be transferred to your credit card a few days after we receive your tickets, Please keep the tracking Number of the courrier,


emergency mobile: 0030 6974823355

Can I book a ticket on the Igoumenitsa – Corfu route?

The itinerary from Igoumenitsa to Corfu and v.v. is operated several times per day by local shipping Companies, Summertime, usually every two hours

It is not possible to check the schedule to book tickets online for these local shipping Companies, Tickets can be bought on the spot at the port just before departure.

Are students entitled of a discount?

Student fares apply only to students who hold student IDs of Greek universities, aka, students of Greek universities. Blue Star Ferries, give student discount 50% to ISIC cardholders with a valid card,

In any other case please do not book online student fare or ask for our assistant to avoid problems with ferry company

Can I take my pet on board?

Your pet may get on board, as long as you hold updated health documents of your pet and you are responsible for the pet’s care, safety and hygiene. Many ferries have now pet cabins,

A limited number of Pet kennels are available in most ferries. In case you are interested to book a Pet Kennel, please, forward your request at [email protected].

Pets are allowed in the indoor area of ferries only in their kennels and outdoors only if they are on leash and accompanied by their guardian.

Unaccompanied pets are not allowed on board.

What is the baggage limit?

Two ( 2) big luggage x 20 kg plus a small hand luggage, You may bring as much luggage as you wish for any dimension with you in the ferry with the extra cost paid on the ferry, However, you should keep in mind that there is no porter service on ferries. You will have to carry your luggage on your own,

How should I book an infant with SeaJets company?

In case you wish to book tickets online for an infant up to two years ( 02) with Seajet’s ferry company, please note that according to Seajet’s policy, infants should not issue tickets, They may travel for free as long as they travel in the arms of their parents, In case you wish to book a separate seat for your infant, you will have to book for them a child ticket wich the price is 50% of Adult price,

Moreover, in case you prefer for your infant to travel for free in your arms, the information that an infant will travel with you should be added in your booking offline via us, As a result, after proceeding with the booking of the adults’ and childs tickets, please, forward at [email protected] your booking reference number and let us know the number of infants that will travel with you with their full names and age,

While getting on board, the stuff of the ferry will give your infant a boarding pass

What are the various ticket class options available?

The following ticket class options are provided, depending on the ferry you travel

  • SUPER ECONOMY: limited number of economy seats class are offered by ferry company. your attention !!! (NON-REFUNDABLE non changeable)
  • SPECIAL ECONOMY: limited seats economy class (REFUNDABLE or changeable )
  • DECK: Economy outdoor summer time indoor winter time
  • ECONOMY: Economy indoors in speed ferries numbered,
  • ATS: Aeroplane type numbered seats indoors
  • BUSINESS/CLUB: Indoor numbered aeroplane-type seats of business class
  • VIP/PLATINUM: Indoor numbered aeroplane type seats of VIP class
  • The main difference between the business/VIP/club seats from the economy seats is that these seats are more spacious and in the upper deck or in the front of the ferry,
  • CABINS / the number after letter indicate how many travellers in one cabin with a letter, L are LUX with window to the seaside sometimes with Queen bed with letter A are with window to the seaside with letter AB or B are without a window to the seaside

with letter A1/A2/A3/A4: Cabins with window and W/C that includes 1 to 4 beds accordingly with letterAB1/AB2/AB3/AB4/B1/B2/B3/B4: Cabin with no window, but with W/C that includes 1 to 4 beds accordingly A berth in cabin means one or two upper beds and one or two down, if you chose a bed in a cabin of two or three or four-beds cabin then you share this cabin with other travellers same gender, All cabins are with privet facilities w/c-shower -tv

Do I get a refund in case of no-show?

In case you fail to catch your ferry, no refund is provided.

What should I do if lose my tickets?

Printed ferry tickets are unique, It is not possible to reprint them, In case they are lost, proceeding with a new booking would be necessary with full payment again,

It is recommended for you to declare the loss of your tickets at [email protected] and forward us via email or fax (+30-210-3251367 ) a copy of your new tickets, in order for us to request refund on your behalf by the shipping company. or you can INFORM direct the ferry company for your loss asking for refund providing your NEW tickets with same company,

However, please, note that it is up to the shipping company to decide if any refund will be provided to you, depending on the case, As a result, if your tickets are lost, it is highly possible that no refund will be provided,

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