Seat and cabin types on Greece ferries

Dec 10, 2020

Seat and Cabin Types on Greece Ferries

What are the types of seats in ferries? What are the cabin types on Greece Ferries? What are the meanings of on deck (deck lounge), economy, air seat, silver, club or platinum in Greek Ferries? What is a 4-berth cabin, internal or external cabin?

While some Greek Ferry Companies use the same or very similar names for the same type of seats and cabins in ferries the other some are able to use different names. However, sometimes even the common names can cause confusion for the passengers at the time of booking. The purpose of this article is to assist ferry travelers to get rid of this confusion.

Please read the definitions below to understand of the common names that are used for the seats and the cabins on a ferry. Similar or other names used for the seats and cabins in ferries are given in the following table.

On Deck:

To travel on deck means there isn’t any private seat for the traveler. The traveler can have a seat on any chair or armchair in cafeteria, bar, restaurant or outside plastic chairs but not the numbered seats inside. Out of season times for on deck passengers to find a place to sit is not a problem but the season time it could be difficult to find a place to sit.

On Deck Discounted:

This is the same type of accommodation like on deck but one difference, these tickets are non-refundable. This accommodation is the cheapest way of traveling on a ferry. It is not available consistently because it is up to ferry company itself. Ferry companies make some on-deck tickets as discounted according to the season and demands.

Numbered Seats:

These types of seats have numbers on them and each one is denominated to a particular passenger. The most common name of numbered seats is air type seat. As you understand from the name, these are adjustable and comfortable seats like in a plane. There are specific fields in a ship assigned for air type seats. These air seats are divided into 3 classes as standard, business and first class/VIP. The business and the first-class seats are in different floors and they have their own bars, the comfortability of those seats in terms of size, technology and surface structure are better than the standard ones. You can see the different sayings of these seats in the following table.

Sleeper Cabins:

The most comfortable and convenient way of traveling on a ferry is to book a cabin. Clean sheets and towels, air condition, private bathrooms (WC + Shower) are present in each cabin. Most of the cabins are designed for 4 people and the beds are bunk beds. There are 2 and 3 bed cabins, they have single or double beds. If you don’t book a whole cabin then you are supposed to stay with people of the same sex as you.

Lux cabins means the luxury level ones and they have some extra facilities in comparison to the standard one. Extra facilities might be access to a private lounge, king bed, room service, expanded bathroom and tools, hairdryer, balcony or major window with sea view, a flat-screen TV, wardrobe, convertible plug in/out. We strongly recommend our clients to book a cabin for long and night voyages such as from Athens to Rhodes, Kos, Crete or Lesvos.

There are some terms used for cabins:


It is used as the meaning of a bed. For instance, 4-berth cabin means 4-bed cabin.

Inside/Internal/In Cabin:

Ones those do not have window and sea view. The names are used for those cabins are berth-in, berth-inside, berth-internal, inside with facilities.

Outside/External/Out Cabin:

Ones those have window and sea view. The names are used for those cabins are berth-out, berth-outside, berth-external, outside with facilities.

Pet Cabin:

There is only a limited number of cabins that accommodate pets in ferries. These are determined by each ferry company separately and that might be in or out cabin. There are 3 options to take the pets on ferries; in pet cabin, in kennel or on deck. The first two options are subject to payment. The third one is for free but you are supposed to accompany your pet at all times.

Bed in Dormitory:

These are the cabins designed at least for 6 beds and the beds are bunk beds. The cabins in dormitory style for men and women are separate.

SEAT&CABIN TYPESAlternative 1Alternative 2Alternative 3Alternative 4Alternative 5Aegean Speed Lines
On Deck Discounted (Non-refundable)Economy DiscountedDeck DiscountedOn Deck Discounted
On DeckEconomyDeckOn Deck
Numbered Seats
Standard Discounted (Non-refundable)Air Seats Dis.Economy Seats Dis.Silver Dis.Air Type Seats Dis.Airplane Type Seats Dis.Economy Discount
StandardAir SeatsEconomy SeatsSilverAir Type SeatsAirplane Type SeatsEconomy
BusinessBusiness Air SeatsBusiness SeatsHeraClubDiakekrimenhEconomy Table
First ClassPlatinumDKN-First ClassExclusive
Sleeper Cabins
Cabin StandardBerth InBerth InsideBerth InternalInside with FacilitiesInternal/Inside
Cabin Standard (Sea View)Berth OutBerth OutsideBerth ExternalOutside with FacilitiesExternal/Outside
Cabin Suit (Sea View)LuxBerth Junior SuiteLux BerthCabin Suit with BalconyBerth Lux Cabin
Cabin Delux (Sea View)Lux PureBerth Deluxe
Cabin Super Delux (Sea View)Berth Super Delux
Cabin Standard PetBerth Inside Cabin PetBerth Inside PetPet-Berth In
Cabin Standard Pet (Sea View)Berth Outside Cabin PetBerth External PetPet-Berth Out
Bed in Dormitory StyleDormitory Male/Female


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