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Piraeus Athens

Piraeus port (PIR) of Athens Greece is the main harbour of the country.

This is where you probably will embark to reach the majority of the Greek islands in the Aegean sea.
Two other ports are in Athens; Rafina (RAF) and Lavrion (LAV).
Traveling from Athens we have to use one of above three ports Pirarus -PIR-, Rafina -RAF- or Lavrion -LAV-.

Wherever you would like to go by ferry, Piraeus will be in most occasions your starting point.
Saronic Gulf Islands: Poros, Hydra, Aegina.
Cyclades Islands: Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini.
Dodecanese Islands: Rodos, Kos.
North Aegean Islands: Chios, Lesvos.
Crete; Heraklion and Chania.

You can reach Pireaus harbour from Athens or near by aereas easily using following options.
By metro train line 1 (green line) in about 20-30 minutes from Athens city center and cost 1.40 euro per person.
By bus in about 30 minutes and cost 1.40 euro per person.
By taxi from your hotel in Athens it will cost you 15-30 euro 1-3 travelers.
By private transfer it will cost you 30-40 euro 1-3 travelers.
Let us know and we can arrange for you.
At  Piraeus port you will find luggage store  until your  embark on ferry.
Many restaurants and coffe shops near to your ferry departure place.
Daily departures from Piraeus port.
Piraeus to Mykonos –  pir to jmk
Piraeus to Santorini –  pir  to jtr
Piraeus to Paros ——– pir to pas
Piraeus to Naxos ——- pir to jnx
Piraeus to Ios ————- pir to ios
Piraeus to Milos ——— pir to mlo
Piraeus to Syros ———- pir to jsy
Piraeus to Rodos ——– pir to rho
Piraeus to Heraklion – pir to her
Piraeus to Chania —— pir to cha

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