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Patras Destination Info

The port of Patras in the Peloponesse is the main entry point for travelers from Western Europe who are visiting Greece by car. You can reach Patras by ferry from the four major ports in Italy – Venice, Brindisi, Ancona and Bari. There are several ferry companies servicing these specific routes offering both choice...
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Venice Destination Info

Venice is the first port in Italy where travellers from Western Europe are able to take a ferry to Greece. Passengers will board their ship at Terminal 123, which is located in the Marittima not far from the centre of Venice. There is a dedicated shuttle service available on arrival days that connects the...
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Corfu Destination Info

Corfu Destination Info

Corfu, part of the Ionian islands, is a popular destination in Greece, as it is easily accessible from several ports in Italy, such as Bari, Brindisi and Venice. From mainland Greece, you can reach Corfu, through the ports of Patras in the Peloponnese and Igoumenitsa, in Epirus. The journeys from each port should take you about...
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Brindisi Destination Info

The port of Brindisi in Italy is the closest one offering schedules to Greece and particularly the mainland harbours of Igoumenitsa and Patras. You shall be able to reach Igoumenitsa in 9 hours and Patras in 15 ½ hours. Currently the line is operated solely by the Italian Endeavor Lines. Brindisi is also a...
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Bari Destination Info

Destination Guide for Bari, Italy In southern Italy, travelers will find a town called Bari, and this harbor city is the capital of the Apulia region. The port is actively used for commerce and industrial purposes, but as more people become interested in visiting Bari, they are attempting to expand the scope of their...
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Ancona Destination Info

Destination Guide to Ancona, Italy Ancona is a lovely Italian harbor city situated on the Adriatic Sea in Central Italy. This stunning harbor town is wonderful in its simplicity, and although it lacks some of the tourist accommodations of other Italian cities, it’s charm lies in its ability to capture the culture and heritage...
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