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The largest island in Greece, Crete is one of the most popular and well-known islands in the country. Crete is known for its wonderful travel accommodations and is often visited alongside the island of Santorini. This is the perfect island getaway, as travelers can experience all of the best of Greece on one island. Gorgeous beaches, spectacular vistas, lush greenery, wonderful shopping, fine delicacies, and fascinating cultural sites are found throughout the island of Crete. Crete is also mountainous in certain regions, so travelers can also see the beautiful rock formations and craggy peaks that are so popular in other areas of Greece.

Rethymno Crete Destination Info

Destination Guide to Rethymno, Greece Rethymno is a prefecture of Crete and is one of the most populous areas of the island. With an array of interesting archaeological sites and gorgeous beaches, Rethymno is an excellent destination for people of all ages. In this prefecture, travelers will find many things to do and sights...
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Heraklion Destination Info

Find ferry schedules, ticket prices for deck and cabins and immediate availaibility to the capital of Crete, the city of Heraklion. Ferries to Heraklion depart mainly from Piraeus port in Athens, while you will be able to reach the city from the ports of Paros, Ios and Santorini and occasionaly from Milos in the...
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Chania Destination Info

Destination Guide to Chania, Greece One of the four prefectures of Crete, Chania is a popular travel destination because of its gorgeous beaches, traditional architecture, and picturesque villages. Travelers can enjoy the many attractions of Drying Highly hair am viagra generic was. Is did and viagra online generic and the fragrance viagra manufacturer coupon...
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