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Schedule & Fares: Patras – Igoumenitsa – Ancona | ANEK Superfast

See the complete schedule of ANEK SuperFast for the route between Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patras and vice versa for the entire year 2014.
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Schedule & Fares: Patras – Igoumenitsa – Ancona | Minoan Lines

See the complete schedule & fares of Minoan Lines for the route between Patras - Igoumenitsa - Ancona and vice versa, up until September 2014.
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Ancona Destination Info

Destination Guide to Ancona, Italy Ancona is a lovely Italian harbor city situated on the Adriatic Sea in Central Italy. This stunning harbor town is wonderful in its simplicity, and although it lacks some of the tourist accommodations of other Italian cities, it’s charm lies in its ability to capture the culture and heritage...
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