Kythira Destination Info

Destination Guide for Kythira, Greece

Kythira is part of the Ionian Group of Islands and is located on the beautiful waters of the Ionian Sea. This particular island is positioned between both the Aegean and Ionian Sea and is relatively undeveloped compared to other islands in Greece. The astonishingly secluded beaches and the deserted landscape are ideal for travelers that want to take time away from the hectic pace of everyday life to relax in a calm, peaceful environment. To many travelers, the island of Kythira is a refuge and a haven where they can find the peace and quiet to relax and unwind.

Popular Attractions in Kythira, Greece

Since tourism is not a heavily popular industry in Kythira, most of the activities on the island are found in the outdoors. Travelers that enjoy nature will adore the island of Kythira, as they can mountain bike through the rocky terrain or hike the various trails on foot. Then there are the gorgeous beaches, which attract many of the visitors to this lovely island. As with many areas of Greece, there is a unique architectural style that is both appealing and charming, and visitors may want to spend some time visiting the village of Paleochora, as it is the most popular and beautiful of the island. This particular villages features Medieval ruins that date back to the Byzantine era.

Beaches in Kythira, Greece

Kythira also boasts a wide range of beaches on the island, and the coastline on the island is varied, giving travelers the opportunity to search fervently for their favorite seaside spot. Whether visitors enjoy long, sandy beaches or pebbled beaches with craggy rocks, Kythira has it all. This beautiful island has several spectacular beaches, and visitors can take their time exploring each one and perhaps even some of the majestic terrain surrounding them. The most

famous beaches in Kythira are Avelmonas, Ag. Nikolaos, and Kapsali.

Shopping in Kythira, Greece

Kythira has a number of wonderful local stores and shops that can be found around the larger cities and the beaches. These stores will often feature local items, handcrafted treasures, and surprisingly beautiful ceramics and embroidery. Since the islands are known for their artwork, there are also various art displays and works available for people to admire and purchase. There are also several taverns, restaurants, and food shops in the cities, so travelers can get a taste of the island cuisine and delicacies on a trip to Kythira.

Transportation in Kythira, Greece

Travellers to Kythira will normally arrive by ferry or high-speed boat. Once on the island, there are few transportation options. Normally, most visitors rent a car to tour the city, as it provides a level of autonomy while it also gives people the opportunity to explore the island at their own pace. The public buses cover only the highly travelled areas of the city, so they are often not the preferred way to travel for most visitors. Taxis are another option for travelling on Kythira Island.

Port Authority in Kythira, Greece

When arriving on the island by sea, visitors will have to travel through the ports. The Kythira Port Authority manages all of the port activities and infrastructure to ensure safe travel for all involved.


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