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Destination Guide for Kos, Greece

On the beautiful island of Kos, Greece, travelers can see some of the most pristine and picturesque beaches in all of the country. Kos is part of the Dodecanese group of islands, and thousands of people travel to this wonderful island every year. Kos is the second most popular island of the Dodecanese after Rhodes, and it is situated between Nysiros and Kalymnos. The beaches and the villages have been well organized to accommodate tourists, and people will find everything that they desire for an enjoyable vacation in Kos. The tourism industry and the infrastructure have been built to accommodate many travelers.

Popular Attractions in Kos, Greece

Kos, Greece has a number of hidden beauties, surprises, and charms for her visitors, although they may not always be apparent as soon as they arrive on the island. The spectacular beaches and the long sandy shorelines are a delight for many people, and the picturesque villages found nestled in various areas of the island add to the alluring charm of the island.

Visitors may also want to visit the Kastri Islet, Ottoman Mosques, Anitmachia Castle, Limnionas Beach, the Archaeological Museum, and the Agios Ioannis Monastery. These all provide insight into the rich cultural heritage of the area and allow visitors to take a glimpse into the lifestyle of the islanders first hand.

The island of Kos also has a vibrant and lively nightlife for island goers who are interested in it. The bars and clubs are energetic and exciting, and there are also a number of great taverns on the island.

Beaches in Kos, Greece

Kos has an array of beautiful beaches with stunning clear water and soft, golden sand. There are also beaches that can be found nestled in a bay or a cove, and the beautiful waters will change from deep blue to crystal clear to deep emerald. While many of the beaches on the island are sandy with either white, golden, or black sand, others are pebbled. The most famous beaches in Kos are the Thermes, Mastichari Beach, Lambi, Kardamena, Keaflos beach, and Paradise beach.

Shopping in Kos, Greece

Kos has some great shopping opportunities, as there are all types of stores selling different goods. Local shops, jewelers, souvenir stores, art galleries, and boutiques are located on the island, and travelers can also find all of the beach accessories they need at the local stores as well. There are several beach resorts, which have a selection of clothing, souvenirs, and delicacies for travelers to enjoy.

Transportation in Kos, Greece

Kos has a well evolved transportation system in place, and travelers can choose to rent a car or motorbike if they prefer to take their time in certain areas of the island. Other people may prefer to simply ride a bus or take a taxi from the ferry/airport to the hotel/resort.

Port Authority in Kos, Greece

The Port Authority of Kos is responsible for maintain the infrastructure of the port so that all vessels can easily enter and exit the port. The Port Authority of Kos also oversees all maritime activity and evaluates weather conditions for the various ports on the island.


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