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Destination Guide for Ikaria, Greece

In the Northeastern Aegean Islands, you will find the island of Ikaria situated in the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea. This particular island was named for a famous man that was drowned in the sea once he was burned by sun for attempting to fly like the gods. Steeped in tradition, Ikaria is a lovely place to visit for visitors that enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Greece and those that admire the gorgeous beaches and exquisite sunsets found only on the Greek islands. Natural wonders are found throughout this island, and visitors will encounter enchanting waterfalls, gently flowing streams, gorgeous pebbled beaches, verdant forests, and quaint villages.

Popular Attractions in Ikaria, Greece

The village of Agios Kirikos is the capital city of Ikaria, and this is a favorite travel destination while on a trip to the island. The impressive architectural styles found along the narrow alleyways have made this a great place to see and explore. Travelers can get a glimpse of the stunning neoclassical architecture that became so popular in Greece, and they can also surround themselves with the surreal beauty of this island paradise. Ikaria is also home to a number of festivals, with the most popular the Icarus Festival, which is held every year. Travelers often enjoy immersing themselves in the rich culture by attending these local festivities.

Beaches in Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria is home to several superb beaches. While Greece is well known for the beautiful pebbled beaches, there are also several beaches with soft, golden sand in Ikaria. Like other islands in Greece, there are also coves that populate certain areas of the city, which make a great place to visit for the adventurous traveler. Some of the beaches in Ikaria are surrounded by craggy rock formations, creating an interesting backdrop against the deep blue ocean. There are several beaches in Ikaria that are organized and designed to accommodate tourists, while others remain relatively remote and undisturbed. Travelers can visit the small beach of Nas to watch the spectacular sunset and travel to Livadi and Messakti by day to bask in the sunlight.

Shopping in Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria is not a shopping hub, but travelers can find a few small local shops that sell various beauties and treasures. The few shops on the island of Ikaria are located inside the villages of Therma, Armenistis, Agios Kirikos, and Evdilos. These shops will often sell touristy items or local delicacies so that travelers can enjoy the island lifestyle during their stay.

Transportation in Ikaria, Greece

Travelers can reach Ikaria conveniently by air and also by boat or by ferry. Year round flights to the area are often the preferred way to travel, but some visitors may enjoy an excursion on the deep blue sea before they arrive in Ikaria. Once on the island, travelers can rent a car or motorbike to tour the city. Buses and taxis are also available to the public.

Port Authority in Ikaria, Greece

The Port Authority in Ikaria is responsible for managing all port activities and ensuring safe transit for all visitors and patrons. The Port Authority of Ikaria is responsible for several ports and is well managed by the staff members.


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