Early Booking Discounts 2013 – Bookings until 15th April (Extention)

On the Italy Greece route and vv, all companies offer early booking discounts up to 20%, when booking is made until 15th March. (extension given)

** These discounts are not available for online booking, please contact us through the chat or via mail, mentioning the schedule, passenger number and desired accommodation and car if needed. **

Bari Route

Superfast Ferries and Blue Stars offer a 10% Early booking discount
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  • Valid for reservations and ticket issuance made until 28th February 2013.
  • Valid for one way or round trip travel between 1st January 2013 and 31st January 2014.
  • Tickets may be issued with an open return.
  • Discount applies on individual passengers and vehicle fares.
  • Once ticket has been issued, reservation may be changed but not cancelled.
  • Discount applies only to the official fares 2013.
  • Discount is cumulative with all other discounts.
  • The discount does not apply for the Pet cabin surcharge and fuel surcharge.
  • Limited capacity available.

Ancona Route

Minoan LInes offer a 10% Early Booking discount
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The discount applies under the following conditions:

  • Valid for one way and roundtrips.
  • Valid for tickets issued by 28.02.2013.
  • Valid for trip dates from 14.01.13 until 31.12.13.
  • Valid for all accommodation and private vehicle categories.
  • Cummulative with all other offers and discounts.

Note: Early Booking Reservations cannot be cancelled once an Early Booking ticket has been issued, however, the trip dates can be changed or altered to open date. If the trip dates of Early Booking tickets have been changed or altered to open, the Early Booking discount does not apply on the altered leg(s) of the trip and the resulting price difference must be paid when the new date is established.

Venice Route

ANEK Lines offer 20% Early booking discount
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