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Destination Guide for Cephalonia, Greece

Part of the famous Ionian Islands, Cephalonia is a beloved travel destination for people from every part of the world. There are many reasons that people from Cephalonia choose to travel to the area, with the pristine, picturesque beaches at the top of the list. The turquoise waters and the sandy beaches are breathtaking, and people often enjoy spending time in this area to explore the local culture and historical landmarks that are found on the island. Travelers to the Greek islands are also normally enamored with the beautiful nature found on the island. The dense green pines contrasting against white sand and clear water are truly a sight to behold.

Popular Attractions in Cephalonia, Greece

On the Greek Islands, and

particularly in Cephalonia, travelers will want to spend some time out in nature exploring the forests, basking in the sunlight on the beaches, or participating in the many outdoor activities that the island has to offer. While there are several great beach

resorts located on the coastline, there are also other places to stay on the island that will allow you to enjoy the best that this area has to offer in terms of activities, dining, and shopping. Visitors may want to travel to the

island’s national park (located

on the top of Mount Ainos) where they can see the beautiful landscape and a rare species of fir tree.

Beaches in Cephalonia, Greece

The gorgeous beaches in Cephalonia are a reason to travel to the island unto themselves. They are absolutely breathtaking, and some remain relatively undisturbed while others are organized and populated. Whether you prefer a quiet, relaxing getaway on a secluded beach in Greece or a beach that has all of the accommodations including rental umbrellas and sun beds, you will find it in Cephalonia. Many of the beaches in Cephalonia are unspoiled, with the beautiful clear waters against the soft, white sand creating a perfect environment for a peaceful vacation. Some of the most popular beaches in Ephalonia are Myrtos, Antisamos, Makris Gialos, Skala Beach, Louras, Platis Gialos, Xi, and Petani.

Shopping in Cephalonia, Greece

Like many areas of Greece, Cephalonia has a lot of wonderful local shops and boutiques that travelers adore when vacationing on the island. There are various shops located all over the island that you can find while exploring the natural wonders or touring the beautiful villages. Local stores that carry ceramics, leather goods, embroidery, and unique artwork can be found as well as souvenir and more touristy shops.

Transportation in Cephalonia, Greece

When traveling to Cephalonia, it is often best to arrive by ferry, as visitors are able to get a glimpse of the majestic blue ocean as they make their way to the gorgeous island. Once on the island, visitors can choose to rent a car or motorbike to tour around the island at their own leisure, or they can choose to hire a taxi or ride on the island’s bus route.

Port Authority in Cephalonia, Greece

The Port Authority in Cephalonia is responsible for all port activity that occurs on the island. There are several areas of the island that have their own port, and the Port Authority of Cephalonia centrally manages all of them.


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