Amorgos Destination Info

Amorgos, Greece Destination Guide

Known as the jewel of the town by island goers, Amorgos, Greece is home to an exquisite

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shoreline complete with breathtaking scenery and enchanting vistas. The beautiful Greek city of Amorgos also features dark, majestic mountain range. Aside from the natural beauty that visitors will find in Amorgos, the area is also steeped in cultural

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and historical ties that have defined Greece’s rise to prosperity. This city is situated

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on the ports of Katapola and Aeigali

Popular Attractions in Amorgos, Greece

One of the main attractions in Amorgos is the fascinating monastery that is nestled beneath a huge cliff outside of the southeast coast of the island. While it may be challenging to get to this particular landmark, it is a spectacular view that gives visitors the chance to become acquainted with Amorgos’s unique heritage and culture. The dazzling monastery is called Moni Hozoviotissis, and the view alone is enough to make this a must-see on your trip to Amorgos.

Visitors can also take some time to visit Katapola, a mesmerizing locale on the shoreline that boasts remains from ancient civilizations. You can travel to Katapola on a short, but

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steep walk above the port. While many people take their time to explore the heritage of the area, there are also some wonderful beaches that visitors can enjoy around this captivating city.

Beaches in Amorgos, Greece

The Angi Anna Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Amorgos because it is closets in proximity to Katapola. The beach, while different from a traditional sandy beach, has its own unique charm and appeal. The Angi Anna Beach is comprised of pebbly coves interspersed throughout the unique shoreline. Visitors can stop by the small cantina to find refreshments and excellent food on their beach excursion.

Shopping in Amorgos, Greece

Just a few meters from the main port, shoppers will find an assortment of local shopping centers to spend some time exploring while on holiday. Stores in Amorgos will carry an assortment of clothing options, some with natural colorings and others with elaborate decorations. The casual clothing style of this area permeates many of the shopping centers, although there are some available that travelers can visit for more upscale apparel.

Transportation in Amorgos, Greece

With a well-organized transportation system, getting in and out of

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Amorgos will be simple for new or experienced travelers. The bus system is clean and well kempt, offering travelers the opportunity to tour the city by bus without renting a car or hiring a taxi. Visitors can use ferries to enter the city, and other types of transportation to navigate the city once you are inside.

Port Authority in Amorgos, Greece

The Port Authority in Amorgos is responsible for ushering in and out all of the traffic that moves through this beautiful port city. Since Amorgos has two main ports, Aigali and Katapola, visitors can travel through a port authority in either of these two harbor cities to enter the fascinating city of Amorgos, Greece by port. on Facebook

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